Modelling of Infectious Disease CEntre

What is MICE?
"Modelling for Infectious disease CEnter" (MICE) is a website containing open-access web-based applications that allow researchers to apply complex statistical models to their own data sets via user-friendly interfaces. 
Our web-based applications do not require users to download or install any programme prior to use. We run models for you. You can just choose the model you would like to use, and input your data set in the form provided on the webpage. Then, the results will be provided on the webpage within timely fashion, and you can also send the results to your email if you would like.
New user interfaces
NEW! user interface for all imperfect gold standard models (Model 101, 102, 103 and 104) !!
Features for advanced interfaces (Model 102 and 104) include:
  • Define correlation between diagnostic tests
  • Adjust prior distributions
  • Fix the sensitivity or specificity of diagnostic tests in the analysis
  • Adjust settings for Bayesian statistics such as burn-in iterations and numbers of thining

New Publication !!!
We are proud to present our recent publication about our website (MICE). The paper contains detailed descriptions of functionality and production of this website.
If you are interested in finding out more on
  • What MICE is
  • When to use
  • Why it is important
  • How to use it

MICE on social media
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You can leave your comments or ask questions about the models on our Facebook page. You can also email to us directly at Your advices and suggestions are more than welcome.
More to come
We aim to expand the imperfect gold standard models to include the four-tests in one-population model and the five-tests in one-population model soon. We also aim to expand more models for malaria infection and other diseases.